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Bilingual Child Care with Montessori Program
About Tiny Talking Hands
I am Tina Liu, the director and preschool teacher at Tiny Talking Hands. At school, I care for children with most efficient ways, develop useful strategies to help children build confidence and self-esteem and to communicate with parents in a positive way. I have a BA degree in Early Childhood education. I am a certified montessori teacher and Child Development Associate (CDA) from The Council of Professional Recognition.  

I value the partnership created between myself, my staff and the parents/guardians of the children in my care. I believe that it truly does take a village to nurture children into the adults they are meant to be.
Bilingual Enviroment
TTH provides Chinese classes with native speaker five days a week for our preschool children as well as Chinese language modeling in our toddler program
Dr. Maria Montessori discovered a good deal about the nature of the learning process in young children. She came to believe that every child delights in spontaneous activity directed toward intellectual discovery. A carefully prepared environment in a Montessori classroom nourishes and encourages a child’s natural development. Attitudes and confidence developed during these formative years will serve them throughout their lifetime. For a confident child, new activities are not only a challenge, but a delight. A child is most apt to retain a positive attitude toward learning and acquire confidence in a relaxed atmosphere where they set their own pace, follow their own interests, and are freed of criticism and competition. 

The following are some basic Montessori concepts:

The small child is a lover of work- intellectual work.
The child needs to learn by doing. Their natural wish is “Help me do it myself.”
Based on a profound respect for the child’s personality, there is room to grow in biological independence. The child is allowed a large measure of liberty (not license) which forms the basis of real self discipline. This is a higher discipline which originates within the child as they gain practice in making their own decision and exercising their own will. It is not a discipline which is imposed from without and based on rewards and punishment.
Since the children are freed from competition and they do not work for rewards, learning becomes its own true reward, and the sharing of learning naturally follows. Children help each other and learn from each other.
To be educated in their fullness of being, children must understand that they are a very important part of the earth’s well being. They must learn to love and appreciate all living things, and understand that we are all dependent upon each other. 

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