Tiny Talking Hands
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Bilingual Child Care with Montessori Program

Introductory Visit
Each new family needs to visit my home at least one time prior to enrollment. Please call in advance to schedule a visit. During this visit you will be given a packet of forms that will need to be completed and returned before your child can be enrolled in our program

Deposits and Registration Fee
New enrollment require a non-refundable registration fee $250 to cover administrative costs of welcoming your child into our care

Your child’s position is reserved upon receipt of two weeks tuition deposit. This deposit will be applied to the final two weeks of care with four week notification at the beginning of the month that you will be terminating your child’s care at Tiny Talking Hands. 

Admission Forms
There are several forms you are required to complete prior to your child’s attendance

  • Application for Child Care 
  • Child Care Home Register
  • Consent for Medical Care and Treatment of children
  • Certificate of Immunization Status (to be updated yearly)
  • Permission Authorization
  • Child Care Agreement
  • Completed USDA food program enrollment form

Transition Period
After enrollment, if you feel that your child may require further adjustment time, we will schedule another visit which you may stay with your child or leave your child for a short period of time.

Trial Period
We understand that some children need more time to adjust to a new setting that others. In fact, some children simply will not make the adjustment. Therefore a trial period of four weeks will be initiated when the child begins attendance in our program. This period is used to observe the child’s adjustment to care and to talk about concerns. After three weeks of the trial period, we will determine if the child care services are satisfactory to everyone. If any problems can not be resolved, the care is terminated. No monetary penalty will apply if the child’s care is terminated within the first four weeks of service.

Tiny Talking Hands Parent Handbook Summary
Program rates, Deposits, Penalties, and Activity Charges
The monthly tuition fee is based on a yearly rate; sick days, holidays and both your and my vacation have been calculated into this rate. This fee will not be reduced because of absences, vacations or public school/legal holidays. Rates are evaluated yearly may be raised subject to the program director’s discretion. One month advance notice will be given for rate increases. 

Payment for care is due by the 5th day of each month. Parents are required to pay for the time their children are scheduled to be in care. In other words, parents are paying for a space whether their child is there or not.

Payment Penalties
If payment is not received by the due date, a late fee of $25 will be applied to the monthly tuition fee. If fees remain unpaid after the tenth working day of the month, your child will not be admitted until ALL tuition and penalty are paid in full and your two week security deposit becomes non-refundable. Your child’s space will be relinquished to other child on the waiting list. After all fees are paid in full you may re-apply for the program and if space is available we will reconsider your application for the program.

The penalty for NSF check is $50 per occurrence. Money orders or cashier’s check payment are required after the first NSF check.

Late pick-up fees are $1 per minute past your child’s pick up time. This is to be paid directly to the teacher in charge to compensate over time. You will not be able to return until the late fee is paid. Continual late pick up subject to termination of child care

Activity Charges
Parents will receive advanced notice of any activity charges (ex. field trip)

Termination of Services
60 days advance notice is required to terminate care. Your deposit will cover the last two weeks of your childcare in the month that you leave. If you should terminate your child’s care with out notice, the security deposit will not be refunded.

The program reserves the right to terminate child care in following conditions:

3 or more late payments or NSF checks per year
Continual late pick ups
Child behavioral problems that cannot be controlled and jeopardize safety of other children in the program
Repeat violations of Tiny Talking Hands Parent Handbook Policy
Harassment, intimidation, threats, coercion or discrimination against teachers, staff, children and parents in the program.

Admission Requirements and Enrollment Procedures